Pant Buy Me Love

I’m tired of the skinny pants.  There, I said it. They’ve had their time in the limelight, and we really should move on. Luckily, the choices in pants for fall are plentiful and even bring back a taste of the 90’s. Of course, this should come as no surprise since last February’s New York Fashion week we saw haute couture grunge (yes, seriously) with angst in various forms of flannel, baby doll dresses and baggy, ripped jeans.   

Speaking of jeans, my latest shopping haul includes a pair of buttery-soft boyfriend jeans that are big and baggy with strategically-placed rips and tears.  Okay, I admit I’m a grunge poser! I love clean hair too much to fully embrace the grunge ethos.  Plus a genuine appreciation for my blessed life makes it too hard for me to affect any real angst. However, I will happily don baggy, torn designer jeans in the name of fashion…ironically, of course!

2013-004 Pant Buy Me Love - IMG 02.JPG
2013-004 Pant Buy Me Love - IMG 03.JPG

Sweater:  Express
Jeans: Current/Elliott (similar styles - Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, and J Brand)
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Belt: Gap
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photography by Vijaysai Patnaik