The Culotte

Culottes are everything I should avoid.  Yet, I'm now a proud owner of a denim, culotte jumpsuit.  Go big or go home, right?

This spring and summer is all about the culotte, a wide, cropped pant and yet another revival of a popular fashion trend from the 70s. Unfortunately, my short, skinny chicken legs and ankles can't handle such voluminousness, so I'm treading carefully with this look. And boy, these are a tricky beast to pull off right. They have to be just the right width and just the right length. Any misstep, and I'm drowning in these things. 

If you're a short person like me, stick to a slimmer (but not too slim) line that hits somewhere just below the knee to mid-calf. Pair with a heel, like a strappy, wrap around heel on trend these days or a wedge espadrille, and you're part of the "cool lot".

I'll let you in on a secret: this fun Guess jumpsuit actually comes as a full length pant which I had hemmed to wear as a culotte for the hot summer months. Besides, a full length chambray jumpsuit is way too much denim for me...better head off the Canadian tuxedo jokes while I can!

The Wearwithal Culotte 01
The Wearwithal Culotte 02
The Wearwithal Culotte 03
The Wearwithal Culotte 08
The Wearwithal Culotte 04
The Wearwithal Culotte 06
The Wearwithal Culotte 06
The Wearwithal Culotte 07

What I'm wearing...
Jumpsuit: Guess
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Coach
Bracelet: Club Monaco
Braid Ring: Banana Republic

Photography by Carrie Kinsella