Out With The Auld

At the stroke of midnight on New Year's, confetti falls, noisemakers blow, people hug and kiss, and the crowd sings the traditional Auld Lang Syne. However, for most folks, this song is a source of confusion. Just what does it mean? After a bit of digging, I learned that Auld Lang Syne means "old long since" or loosely translated "for old times sake". And the song itself is like a toast to remembering the love and kindness of old friends and good times of the past and bringing these hopes for the future.

It's this song that's playing in my head when we shot this look in the middle of Times Square, the site of the iconic ball drop and the biggest New Year's eve party in North America.  We were in search of twinkling lights around the city and serendipitously ended up here. You want light? We got light! Tacky, crowded, touristy Times Square, the place New Yorkers avoid, actually turned out to be a blast to shoot as well as challenging with the crowds of people walking by or  staring at us with curiosity. 

I bought this adorable blue brocade dress with pleated skirt for $39.95 at H&M with the intention of wearing it to a more formal NYE party at The NoMad Hotel. It goes to show you don't have to spend a lot to look decent. However, plans have made a complete 180, and I'm now going to a warehouse party in Brooklyn, Bushwick to be exact, my first foray deep into hipster territory. I hear a UFO will take off at midnight. Say what?!? As you can see from the video, the party is definitely less formal, so I've changed up my outfit to something just a bit more boho from Free People and am toying with the idea with wearing flesh tattoos instead of jewelry. It just seems like the right kind of atmosphere to get away with such a thing. Thoughts?

To ring in 2015, I'm lucky to be celebrating with almost the same group of friends from two years ago along Copacabana beach in Rio and last year in the streets of Bangkok. And while I don't know all the words to Auld Lang Syne and will mumble them along with everyone else at midnight with gusto, no song is more appropriate as I'm surrounded by these awesome folks, thankful for the friends who have blessed me with their friendship in the past and into the future.

Happy New Year!


EARRINGS: Baublebar
RING: Baublebar

Photoraphy by Carrie Kinsella