Moto Chic

I'm baaack! After a brief hiatus from posting, I've returned from the glorious beaches of Thailand, just in time for snow, winter storm warnings and sub-zero temperatures. Ah, life in the Northeast!

Before I completely cocoon at home, let's visit one of the big trends this winter: the moto jacket. During my travels, I picked up this slouchy moto jacket from one of my long-standing go-to shops, Aritzia. While I don't normally shop when I'm on the road - I like to travel lean - Aritiza is always an exception!

By the way, I picked up a new pair of sunnies after my favorite RayBans ditched me on a beach in Thailand to join all the other lost pairs in sunglass heaven. Luckily I'm in LOVE with my new reflective aviator sunglasses which cost only 400 baht after some intensive haggling with a street vendor on Phi Phi island. I've been craving a pair of reflectives, and these will do just fine!

And for those of you wondering, "Isn't she freezing?" The answer is a resounding, "YES!" But thanks to my rockstar photographer Stephanie,  the resident photographer for Flock, this quick shoot took all of five minutes! Check out her amazing work at

The Wearwithal Moto Chic Rachel Rosales
Moto Chic 01.jpg

Thanks to Balenciaga, who introduced us to the latest moto trend, we see the ubiquitous moto jacket elevated to high fashion in classic leather, but also in fresh colors and feminine touches. While many moto jackets are cropped, I prefer the longer, slouchy fit which channels a bit of my favorite decade, the 80's and Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan. My preferred way to wear this slouchy jacket is all about balancing the loose fit with something fitted, like the Tylie leather-trim knit dress I have on here or a skinny jean with stilettos.

Moto Chic 02.jpg
Moto Chic 03.jpg
Moto Chic 04.jpg
Moto Chic 05.jpg
Moto Chic 06.jpg

COAT: Wilfred Free
DRESS: Tylie
SHOES: Charles David
BAG: Linea Pelle (in black)
HAT: Hunter

Photography by Stephanie Larsen