Mad for Plaid

You'd think after my stint at Little Flower Academy, a Catholic all-girls' school where I spent my teen years wearing a plaid kilt day-in and day-out, I'd be SO OVER plaid. Apparently not.

Hail to thee our alma mater where we spend our student days.
True to thee we will always stay true to the memory of LFA...

I spotted this pretty blue Rails button-down in a store after two girls had picked it up and put it back on the rack, commenting that it looked too "farmer".  Not only did I totally disagree, I snatched that shirt up before they could change their minds! I had been looking for this particular blue plaid pattern for a while, so I knew the moment I laid my eyes on it that it was "the one".  


Rails shirts, which come in a variety of really eye-catching plaid patterns and colors, have become a celebrity favorite, and I can see why. These incredibly soft button-downs are made of Tencel, a fabric from wood pulp with similar properties to cotton and rayon. Moreover, they do not shrink or wrinkle...for the win!

Plaid shirts are really versatile and can be paired with most anything: leggings, torn jeans, cutoff shorts. Here I've paired my loose, slouchy shirt with fitted leggings to balance out the different fits. I also deliberately chose my leather-like leggings  to add some city flavor to this look, just in case, you know...anyone mistakes me for a farmer ;-)

Mad for Plaid 02.jpg

SHIRT: Rails
BOTTOM: Wilfred
BAG: Michael Kors
HAT: Plush
BRACELET: Club Monaco
RING: Arden B