Denim On Denim

Ah, to be a Canadian living in the US.  Last year, I learned about the Canadian tuxedo, an outfit that consists of all denim. The term comes from the supposed Canadian love for denim and our propensity for wearing it from top to bottom.  It seems our dear Americans consider this a big fashion faux pas and love to tease me and my fellow Canadians about it.

Well I say, egg on their face! While spending Thanksgiving in the Dominican Republic, I decided to put together my interpretation of a Canadian tuxedo to show that it can be done and done well!

Photo Nov 29, 5 54 59 PM.jpg

Here I've paired a soft, black chambray shirt with my absolute fave cutoffs from Siwy, a denim brand that started in New York City back in 2004 and has since garnered a huge cult following. Just Google the name and you can see who's sporting their denim.

The key to wearing denim on denim is to vary the color and wash of each piece so you don't end up wearing the same denim all over. You hear that Bryan Adams? 

Photo Nov 29, 5 59 28 PM.jpg

SHIRT: Bella Dahl
SANDALS: Isabel Marant
RINGS: Baublebar

Photography by Vijaysai Patnaik