The Great esCAPE

I was out the other weekend going for a walk through Flatiron. Okay, "going for a walk" is my code for going shopping, in this case for work-appropriate shoes. It was during this stroll where right by a store entrance, I spotted a cape sweater that had been on my fall wish list since August. Of course, I just had to stop and try it on, another code for pretty much buying it.

You too may have entertained the idea of buying a cape but stopped short, perhaps unsure how to not look like a comic book superhero. Well, lucky for you, The Wearwithal is here to tell you how. Unless you're a supermodel, you need to consider proportion when it comes to capes. In other words, whatever you wear with the cape needs to be slim, tailored, or fitted to balance out the cape's billowy flare. So first, start with a pair of skinny jeans. Throw on a fitted/lean top, like a cottony soft, long-sleeve t-shirt or tailored button-up. Slip on some over-the-knee boots (see here and here). Now throw on your cape of choice. Keep the cape color neutral since this statement topper is a grand-enough gesture. Finish off with a cool hat and a structured tote bag.

If you're still on the fence, just do it! This is the one piece in your wardrobe that can so easily give a lazy-day outfit a super-chic twist with really no effort at all!

As for that shopping quest for work-appropriate shoes, I'm still on the hunt. Why is it so hard to find shoes that look stylish enough with a suit, but comfortable enough to walk city blocks, catch a train, or run through an airport? If any of you have suggestions, I am all ears. Otherwise, I'll have to go out for a few more walks.

thewearwithal cape 02

SWEATER: Ann Taylor
T-SHIRT: Babaton
JEANS: J Brand
BOOTS: French Connection
BAG: Coach
RING: Baublebar